Quiet Times - Bag in Box beer

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To celebrate Oktoberfest traditionally ending on the first Sunday of October, we have reduced our Weiss beer from £36 to £32.40 for 10L and 5L from £20.50 to £19.48 until 3rd of October!!!  

A lazy hazy hybrid Weiss beer, using Fermo Yeast and Traditional Ale Yeast. This drop has complex wheat undertones with notes of fruit such as banana, clove and bitter vanilla pod.

Hazy Pale, 4.3% ABV.


Hops, Malt, Yeast, Water


Wheat, Gluten

Pint Counter

5L BIB - approx. 9 pints

10L BIB - approx. 18 pints

20L BIB - approx. 36 pints